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Tag: Holy Week

Sunday: Life

Luke 24:1-12 One of the most striking things about Luke’s first resurrection account is that absence of the resurrection. The resurrected Jesus does not appear until v. 15 and is not recognised until v. 31. The first 12… Read More

Saturday: Faith

Luke 22:50-56 “Jesus dies as a criminal, but is buried in honor.”[1] The description of Joseph comes as a surprise: Now there was a man named Joseph, a member of the Council, a good and upright man, who… Read More

Friday: Acceptance

Luke 22:63-23:56 Rejection has been the theme of these last few chapters, the Jews reject Jesus and Jesus rejects them. But the final conversation that Jesus has is one of acceptance, as Jesus is accepted by a criminal… Read More

Thursday: Obedience

Luke 22:1-62 The readings for the next two days are longer, and we will not look through all the detail. Perhaps, on your own, or with those in your family you could think more over the verses. But… Read More

Wednesday: The End

Luke 21:1-37 What does the future hold? I guess many of us are asking that at this time. The future seems far from certain. As Jesus approaches the cross, for his disciples, though they may be less aware… Read More

Tuesday: Trapping

Luke 20:1-47 Having been exposed by Jesus in the Parable of the Tenants, the teachers of the law continue to seek to trap Him. They set two traps, the first about Ceasar and the second about the Ressurection…. Read More

Monday: Rejection

Luke 19:45-20:19 This year, we are coming terms with the facts that Easter will be different. With many people around the world, unable to meet in person, celebrations will take place in small family units, and for some… Read More

Palm Sunday: The Return of the King

Luke 19:28-44 The events of the past few weeks have been met with differing responses. Only time will tell which approach was right. Momentous events, often call for a choice, and response and the outcome affect so much…. Read More