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Your will be done

your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. What is God’s will for the world, perhaps that is a question, that even those with the most fleeting belief in God may be asking now. What is… Read More

Your Kingdom Come

10 your kingdom come, The future for the whole world now seems, uncertain. We are all asking how long this will go on for, what will be the outcomes, what will be the lasting impact. Christians join the world… Read More

Hallowed be Your Name

hallowed be your name, Where do our prayers begin? What is that we ask of God? Jesus teaches us, to begin not with our need but with God’s glory. I wonder, if you, like me, find that hard… Read More

Our Father in Heaven

It is times like this that people feel they ought to pray. No doubt, over the past few days and weeks, even those who never pray have started. Jesus in Matthew 6 teaches his disciples to pray, so… Read More

Be Still, and know that I am Lord

Many people around the world are finding themselves in self-isolation, in enforced stillness. However, the connectedness of the modern world means many escapes total isolation, but also true stillness eludes us. Through the constant twitter feed, news updates,… Read More

The Lord of Hosts is with Us

As we look out on to the streets of the world’s cities, many, most, are eerily quiet and yet they do not speak of peace but fear and anxiety. As many, rightly, stay indoors and are isolated, people… Read More

A Very Present Help in Trouble

These are my personal reflections on Psalm 46, I share them here just in case they might be helpful. COVID – 19 has presented the world with an unprecedented health crisis. The World Health Organization has declared it… Read More